Saturday, March 13, 2010


I've just been out on a little shopping trip with my youngest boy and he wanted to take a look in a model crafts shop. He picked a model tank kit and while we were there I got chatting to the lady who owns the shop. I ended up buying a slab of FIMO clay so I'm now going to attempt to make my own beads! I'm sure it'll take a few attampts to get it right but I'll post pics of my progress on here. It'll be great if I can acquire this skill cos then my beads and jewellery will be completely unique :0)

She also has a display of the cutest little animals made from polymer clay.....might try my hand at that as well. All I need now is an extra 5 hours in the day!

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  1. Well, my first attempt with FIMO ended in total disaster and almost burnt my house to the ground! The instructions said to bake at either 230f or being no Delia Smith when it comes to ovens went for the wrong one! My beautiful beads turned out like smoldering dollops of poo! It was only when J said "Are your beads supposed to make lots of smoke in the oven, Mum?!" that I realised what a mess I'd made. Would post pics but you'd probably die laughing!