Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

At the minute I'm working on some new designs and making some improvements to my I'll give followers a sneaky preview before I add them to the site and my Facebook page (SC Jewellery if anyone wants to become a fan!). I'm going to be adding lots more earring designs, fabric covered beads and long lariat style necklaces.

I've also been contemplating brooches....they seem to be coming back into fashion so I'm maybe gonna make a couple and see what reaction I get to them.

And, although I was going to stay away from tiaras I've had a few enquiries from people asking if I'll be doing them again.....looks like I'm going to give in!

Managed to get back on the treadmill yesterday for the first time in a week! Bit sore today but not too bad.

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