Monday, March 15, 2010


Despite my sore fingers I'm loving making these charm style bracelets and working with sterling silver wire. They're very time consuming but the finished product is just so sparkly. I'm really chuffed cos my Amethyst Dream bracelet sold more or less as soon as I showcased it on my Facebook page. Anyway, I've been working on another today....this time made with black, ruby red and garnet Czech glass beads, sterling silver oval twist beads and dainty little sterling silver coil drops (which I made myself as well).

I bought a fab book on wire and beading techniques yesterday in Waterstones so I've got lots of new ideas floating around in my much so that I couldn't sleep properly last night!

Feel free to comment on my designs. I'm a member of a craft forum and have some really lovely, heartening comments on my Amethyst Dream bracelet. I've also had an offer to display some of my designs from someone opening a shop over in England. Things are looking positive and exciting :o)

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