Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting back into the swing of things.

Well, everyone, I've been very quiet recently and haven't had much chance to do much jewellery making.....but I'm back and I have a competition for you all!

I had very sore fingers doing all of the wire wrapping but the pain and time taken was worth it, I think....

All you have to do to win a pair of my lovely cluster earrings, as pictured above, (in the colours of your choice) is comment below, saying "I want to win".  A winner will be chosen at random at 8pm on the 18th September.  Good luck!

The earwires are sterling silver but the wire/chain used for the bead dangles is silver plated.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Changes are afoot with the SC Jewellery empire!

I'm feeling like I don't have time to even breathe at the minute  I currently work as a childminder but in October last year I decided to have a complete change and do something I've wanted to do since I was 17....I'm now training to become a driving instructor!  The training is very time consuming and intensive.

I'm also going through some changes with SC Jewellery.  I've recently branched out into to doing children's jewellery making parties, children's jewellery and children's jewellery making kits.  This all comes under a new business name....Princess Sparkles.  I have a new Facebook page and website.  It's going quite well so far and I have some Spring/Summer fairs coming up which I'm attending.

Not one to be sitting around twiddling my thumbs for more than a minute I'm also starting a range of handpainted/decorated wooden products such as fridge magnets, door hangers, name plaques, trinket boxes etc!

Anyone got any suggestions for adding an extra 10 hours to a day?!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Almost Friday!

Well, the weather was slightly better today, bright and dry, so I was on a photo taking mission in a bid to get some better pics to upload to my and the new one

I also received an order of supplies from the Bead Shop Scotland.  They had a fab special offer on for reaching 3,000 fans on their Facebook page - a free selection of glass beads when you spent £15.00 or more on the website.  It's a real treasure trove of beads in the box I received!

Think I've finally found some elastic I'm totally happy with for making elasticated bracelets.  I've been wearing a sample bracelet made with it today and so far so good.  Neil tried to snap a length of it when he came home from work and couldn't do it!  Success!

Here are a few of my makes from today....

Last day of the school hols tomorrow :o(  Me and J are off out with some friends for lunch and then to a little craft place where the kids can paint their own pottery items.  They also do courses on silver art clay so I'm going to get some details and maybe book a session.

It's almost the weekend!

Sharon x

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nice weather for ducks!

Well, day 3 of the school hols and yet another miserable day of mist and rain.  Popped up to Ramsey this morning with J to visit Jan in the bead shop (spent a small fortune!) and had the pleasure of meeting a fellow crafter, Karen from purplecatscorner.  Be sure to take a look at her Facebook page, her work is fantastic!

Finished another tiara today as well.  This one is made with clear AB Czech firepolish beads, not quite so sparkly as Swarovski but a fab less expensive way to make you sparkle on your special day.

Also been busy with some orders for DS stylus safety chains.

Hoping the weather improves for the next 2 days.

Sharon x

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You can tell it's the school hols..... the shocking weather we're having here on the Isle of Man!  Misty and raining for the 2nd day now.  It's so annoying for 2 reasons - 1. I was hoping for a good day so I could take some better pics for my website and 2. I was hoping to get J out riding his bike.

I'm working on a range of less expensive designs at the minute.  Rather than using Swarovski crystals I'm using Czech firepolish beads instead.  Here's a version of my flower headband with aquamarine and jet black beads....

This would be ideal for a bridesmaid or for a special occasion in general such as a prom or a day at the races.  I'm working on a necklace to match this at the minute, a smaller version of the flower on a beaded chain.

Have a good week, everyone x

Friday, February 18, 2011

More wedding makes.

Still busy with preparations for the wedding fayre this Sunday.  Here are my latest makes....

I bought a fab tool the other day which has been an absolute godsend for making my new designs.  It's a Beadalon wire twisting gizmo.  To twist the wires as in the cake toppers pictured above is so sore on your fingers so I'm chuffed to bits with my new gadget.

Almost ready for Sunday.  I just have a necklace I want to make to match a bracelet I've already made.  Getting real excited about the fayre now.  My lovely friend, Adelle, is coming along to keep me company and to showcase her new bridal bags.  She's a very talented lady and if you'd like to see her work she has a Facebook page called bagz4ewe.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! x

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A flash of inspiration!

I had a flash of inspiration the other day when ordering yet another stylus for my son's Nintendo DS.  I wondered if there was any way of attaching the stylus to the console.  He has a dangly Professor Leyton on his console (like a mobile phone charm).  There is a small gap on the stylus so I thought there must be a way of doing this.  Here's what I've come up with....

These are now available to order via my Facebook page.  They come with the stylus as well and I can personalise them with names.  No more hunting down the back of the sofa for a missing stylus.

Been very busy with preparing for the wedding fayre this coming Sunday.  Really excited about it.  Will post some pics and updates after the event.

It's nearly Friday! :o)