Thursday, February 24, 2011

Almost Friday!

Well, the weather was slightly better today, bright and dry, so I was on a photo taking mission in a bid to get some better pics to upload to my and the new one

I also received an order of supplies from the Bead Shop Scotland.  They had a fab special offer on for reaching 3,000 fans on their Facebook page - a free selection of glass beads when you spent £15.00 or more on the website.  It's a real treasure trove of beads in the box I received!

Think I've finally found some elastic I'm totally happy with for making elasticated bracelets.  I've been wearing a sample bracelet made with it today and so far so good.  Neil tried to snap a length of it when he came home from work and couldn't do it!  Success!

Here are a few of my makes from today....

Last day of the school hols tomorrow :o(  Me and J are off out with some friends for lunch and then to a little craft place where the kids can paint their own pottery items.  They also do courses on silver art clay so I'm going to get some details and maybe book a session.

It's almost the weekend!

Sharon x

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