Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday again, where does the weekend disappear to??!!

Well, it's Monday again.  I'm sure the weekends are passing by more quickly than ever!

I've had a couple of custom orders to work on over the weekend and I've just finished one off.  It was a special request from a previous customer - a bracelet for her mother who had unfortunately just lost her brother.  It's made up of Swarovski pearls and crystals, sterling silver spacers and clasp and the finishing touch is a sterling silver angel charm.

The other piece I'm working on is a sparkly pink headband for a 3 year old to wear at a christening.  Pic to follow shortly.

A Craft Forum member has recently set up a new website for crafters to showcase their work.  It's free to sign up and non-crafters are encouraged to sign up to as there are links and details to the designers should they wish to purchase any items.  The site is called Crafty-Bitz.  This is a fab idea, like a 24/7 craft fair!  Please take a look, sign up and spread the word!

Hope you all have a great week! x


  1. What a lovely piece. The angel charm is delightful. I'm sure your customer will be very chuffed with the end result!

  2. Thank you. I hope so....I'm delivering it to her on Thursday so I'll find out then :o)

  3. Lovely bracelet, the angel charm is such a lovely addition.