Friday, February 19, 2010

My eldest boy was flown over to Alder Hey by air ambulance this morning, he's still very unwell so hope they make him better soon. His dad is with him and I'm staying at home with my youngest boy.

The upside to this is that I've managed to get back into making some more jewellery now that I'm not spending all day at the hospital with Dale. I've made some bracelets and necklaces today with some gorgeous beads I bought on Folksy. Haven't put them on my website yet as I'm keeping them to show off at my "open house" event next Friday.....have invited people round to view my designs, kind of like a jewellery party hosted in my house. I'm really chuffed with them so hope everyone else likes them as much!

Got lots to organise for next Friday so off I go. treadmill for a couple of days cos think I've pulled a muscle. That's what I get for not stretching after a running session! :(

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