Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pancake Day

Pancake Day 2010 will now affectionately be remembered as the day I popped my blogging cherry! Me and the kids made pancakes, from scratch not a packet, and they turned out to be a great success.....no tossed pancakes on the floor or stuck to the ceiling!

It was also day 4 of the treadmill.....I've hired one for 10 weeks. 1.6 miles ran, without stopping or slowing the speed, in about 17 minutes. Size 0 here I come :o)

I added a couple of new pieces to my website today (www.scjewellerydesigns.co.uk), one of which I'm particularly proud of and you can see as my blog profile pic. It was a complete change from the norm for me as I don't usually make such bold statement pieces. I've had lots of admiring comments so hopefully someone will give it a new home, wear it with pride and treat it with care.

Anyway, dinner to cook and things to do.

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