Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So much to do, so little time to do it!

As the title says! Although I shouldn't complain when my business is doing so well. I can go for a few days without so much as an enquiry about my jewellery then all of a sudden I get 6 orders in one day! Good job I have some time off from my regular job this week. I work as a childminder and also as a part-time blood donor clinic attendant by the way.

Like I said, 6 orders to complete by the weekend. It's great too as some of the orders are for returning clients, it's fab to know people like the designs so much that they come back for more.

I'm trying a new method today for attaching a bracelet/necklace to the clasp. I can be a bit set in my ways with my jewellery making so this is a big step for me! I've never had any disasters with the method I use (maybe just really lucky?!) but I've been reading more and more on craft forums that lots of people are having problems with this method and bracelets and necklaces are snapping. I'll post pics of my results later.

Day 5 of the treadmill.....I'm going for 1.7 miles today despite my legs being more sore than you could ever imagine.

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