Friday, April 16, 2010

Another lovely day.

Well, it's been another lovely day here on the Isle of Man so me and my youngest boy, Jamie, went to Ramsey for a little trip so I could stock up on some more beads.  Couldn't wait to get home and make something with are posted below.  They're such cheery colours for Summer.  As you can see I'm in a bit of a peahy orange mood at the minute.

Not sure how long this gorgeous weather will last as some people are saying there's another cold spell to hit us early next week.

Had a really good day today and have sold 4 bracelets!  I also sold one of my designs which I had on display at the hair salon I go to....that's the 5th item they've sold for me.

Have a great weekend everyone :o)


  1. Hi I have been having a look at your jewellery :-) I love this one.

  2. Thank you very much. I've just made a similar one with lemon and green square beads.