Thursday, August 5, 2010

Taking a break for the day.

Well, the weather's lovely here today so I'm taking a break from jewellery making for the afternoon and me and J, my youngest boy, are off out to the park.

Will be back at work this evening though....trying out some elasticated bracelets.  They're not something I would usually buy or make myself but lots of people have been asking about them.  I made a sample one last night using some old beads and I've been wearing it myself today.  I like to wear some of my designs around the house just to trial-run them.  Two fans from my SC Jewellery Facebook page have volunteered as guinea pigs so I'm going to make them both a bracelet for them to wear for the next couple of weeks and see how they are.  My main worry with stretchy bracelets is that they'll lose their stretch after a few wears.  I've got different types of elastic to try out to see which is the best.

Anyway, we have swings to play on and slides to whizz down.  Catch you all later x

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